iPhone Film Festival starts February 1st, 2013

We are so excited to see what movies win at the newest iPhone film festival out on the west coast on February 1st of this year.  The movie “Departure” has gained much media attention to be the first large scale movie to be shot completely on the iPhone using numerous apps.

HD iPhone film festival

HD iPhone film festival

Here’s a quick synopsis of the movie:

Police officer Deana Kashul traverses the corridors of an abandoned warehouse, not realizing she’s put herself in the line of fire of a desperate drug dealer. As the drug dealer raises his 9mm, for the perfect head shot—he’s shot from behind by an unknown source, releases a few rounds himself at the unknown source. Deana snaps herself around to uncover the dead drug dealer, along with Glen Starks, lying on the floor, in agony.

After Deana deduces the Glen Starks has saved her life, she asks for his identity, and why he was there, saving her life. Glen eventually reveals to her that he was hired to watch over her by a man named Andrei Novikov. He goes on to explain that Mr. Novikov, a diamond smuggler from Russia, met her father in France, while her father tried desperately to squeeze his way onto an overbooked flight, in hopes of making Deana’s 16th birthday, the first birthday since the loss of her mother. Mr. Novikov was so taken by her father, Walter Kashul, that he gave her father his ticket to the states.

The air liner crashes, killing all aboard, including Walter. The overwhelming guilt eating away at Andrei inspires him to forsake his criminal dealings, and to concentrate solely on the nurturing of young Deana, without the young lady ever being wise to it.

Some other movies and my ratings in the festival:

  • The Haunting at Danford Cabin – (C+) – THe movie moves to slow and the still shots could have had better lighting.  Interesting use of the iPhone but could have been better.  It also needed a better soundtrack.
  • The Editor – (A-) – It pulled me and had me laugh at 1::35 when you realize it’s about the guy that edits the movies.  AT first I thought it was about a gang that “edited” life.

My question is this: What apps were of reatest use to the filmakers during the shooting of these films?  What apps are best for novice users looking to make a movie without to much technical wizardry going on?  What accessories provide the biggest bang for your buck to make a splash in the world of movie making? Will the iPhone 6 or 7 make a vast improvement in camera stabilization or not? We would love to hear your input!!


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