Manage your iPhone cords with velcro cable ties

velcro iPhone cable wraps

Velcro iPhone cable wraps

As I was unwinding my iPhone cable from my iPad and Nook cables I realized it was time to find a better system. I looked around online for a simple way to manage the clutter of my white usb power cords and stumbled upon an image of someone using Velcro ties to secure their cords indepedently of each other.

The velcro concept is key here. As you know when you take your phone to the car, you usually need the cord to be a little longer, depending on the lcoation of the power socket. Even then once the perfect length is acquired you can hold that length using these velcro straps. I prefer the 6″ inch ones in a small 10 pack like you can find here. No need in buying a whole spool when you can just spend a little cash for these.

Another nice option for my iPhone 5 would be to have a small mat on my dashboard and have a little velcro on the back og my case.  This way I could toss my phone on the dashboard and know it would not slide around every time I stoipped at a stoplight or took a tight turn.

Of course, even more important is having an extra iPhone 5 8 pin lightning cable.  I am not paying full price of $19 from Apple for one of these things. I am still waiting for the CHinese to create a knock off for $5 so I can order 2 as a backup.  What do you do for wire management of your excess cables?


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