iPhone Film Festival starts February 1st, 2013

We are so excited to see what movies win at the newest iPhone film festival out on the west coast on February 1st of this year.  The movie “Departure” has gained much media attention to be the first large scale movie to be shot completely on the iPhone using numerous apps.

HD iPhone film festival

HD iPhone film festival

Here’s a quick synopsis of the movie:

Police officer Deana Kashul traverses the corridors of an abandoned warehouse, not realizing she’s put herself in the line of fire of a desperate drug dealer. As the drug dealer raises his 9mm, for the perfect head shot—he’s shot from behind by an unknown source, releases a few rounds himself at the unknown source. Deana snaps herself around to uncover the dead drug dealer, along with Glen Starks, lying on the floor, in agony. Continue reading


Manage your iPhone cords with velcro cable ties

velcro iPhone cable wraps

Velcro iPhone cable wraps

As I was unwinding my iPhone cable from my iPad and Nook cables I realized it was time to find a better system. I looked around online for a simple way to manage the clutter of my white usb power cords and stumbled upon an image of someone using Velcro ties to secure their cords indepedently of each other.

The velcro concept is key here. As you know when you take your phone to the car, you usually need the cord to be a little longer, depending on the lcoation of the power socket. Even then once the perfect length is acquired you can hold that length using these velcro straps. I prefer the 6″ inch ones in a small 10 pack like you can find here. No need in buying a whole spool when you can just spend a little cash for these.

Another nice option for my iPhone 5 would be to have a small mat on my dashboard and have a little velcro on the back og my case.  This way I could toss my phone on the dashboard and know it would not slide around every time I stoipped at a stoplight or took a tight turn.

Of course, even more important is having an extra iPhone 5 8 pin lightning cable.  I am not paying full price of $19 from Apple for one of these things. I am still waiting for the CHinese to create a knock off for $5 so I can order 2 as a backup.  What do you do for wire management of your excess cables?

iPhone 5 Newest Features to Drool On

iPhone is fast becoming the topmost favorite brand of smart phones nowadays. Because of its cool designs and sleek features, one cannot simply ignore the lure of this electronic gadget. With the latest release of iPhone 4s, a fifth generation in the iPhone lineage, many people thought that having one is more than a luxury but a necessity as well. Cool unique features include rear and front cameras that are used for video calling or simply shooting self-portraits and uploading it to Facebook account. iPhone has 8 megapixel resolution which is quite higher than its earlier generation.

Apple develops iMovie for iPhone which is a special application that has Windows Movie Maker capacity. But unlike the latter, you will be free from the hassle of importing and exporting the videos to computer and vice versa. With iMovie installed you can edit, crop, and put titles to your self-made movies and directly send it to You Tube or Facebook for instant publication. Because of its high definition camera and video capacity, movie directors also used iPhone in film shooting at high speed action. Any moviegoer would not even tell a slightest difference between the scenes that are shot with real camera or iPhone camera. iPhone is also more an aesthetic display but also an intelligent virtual personal assistant.

iphone 5 features

iPhone 5 features will surpass that of Siri from the previous model

Powered by Apple iOS, Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface (SIRI) becomes the latest trend in Smartphone technology. It understands and follows speech commands of the users like getting directions, reminding birthdays or appointments, arranging movie reservations, etc. The most amazing part is that SIRI speaks back in a conversational tone like a real personal assistant. With these cool features, no wonder that SIRI is already incorporated in a movie with the same title.

iPhone 5 HD video upgrade rumors

There are rumors circulating the internet that the newest iPhone 5 will have full 1080p high speed video recording capability at 100fps. So it’s hard to imagine shooting for an extended time with the faster shutter speed and HD but it would give you the ability to slow down movies smoothly up to 3x. That would allow for some cool special effects. Check out a skating video at youtube done in 1080 at 100fps, it’s sweet!!

Obviously a frame rate of 300fps, 600fps, or 1200fps would be amazing but I don’t see current technology pulling this off in such a small device. It would also be nice if they could add a 3x zoom in the new phone that wasn’t just a digital zoom. One can only hope I guess.

If you want to check out other rumors about the iphone 5 check out CNN’s post over here. Of course, if you are captuing high speed video then you need larger storage capacity.  It would be sweet if they offered an iPhone 5 with 256 gig of storage. One day technology will push us there and I am sure Apple will be more than happy to charge us a premium price to own one.

If this happens, it would just give independent film makers another tool to us for shooting extra angles for their movies. I also have found the first sneak peak at the new iPhone 5 and what the design will look like here.

iPhone 5 design high speed video

The new iPhone 5 design offers round curves and 100fps high speed video

The battery life of the iPhone 5 is rumored to be 2x as long as the old one… at least in standby mode….. it has some new technology that barely uses any juice while in standby. If you are using it constantly only expect a 25% improvement in battery life… BUT heck that is still really good. It’s worth it for me to upgrade if I only got a 15% improvement. What do you guys think?

When Apple launches this bad boy all of the specs can be found here.

Singapore Carriers Launching The iPhone Without Cameras

iPhone 4S Without Cameras

The iPhone is offered in many countries all across the world. The iPhone is supposed to be available in Singapore so the Singapore Armed Forces can use a smartphone other than a BlackBerry.

I always wondered why RIM sold BlackBerry devices without the cameras, but now I know. Many soldiers in the Singapore Armed Forces carry a phone to use on base that does not have a camera. SAF soldiers are not allowed to carry cell phones with cameras on the military base. Those soldiers also have a separate phone to carry off base because they are allowed to have a camera then. Apple may be allowing Singapore carriers to carry the iPhone 4S… Without a front or back camera!

I think this is a very good idea, but it also limits the iPhone’s abilities. The Camera app, check cashing services, QR codes, and many other camera-related features will be disabled. Other than that, I am glad Apple and Singapore’s Military is cooperating to get iPhones in the hands of the soldiers. They currently use BlackBerry devices, but the services on BlackBerry phones is limited.

Capture and Edit iPhone Films Directly On Phone With iMovie

imovie for iPhone and iPad

iMovie for iPhone and iPad

Although there are many simple movie editors such as Windows Movie Maker, importing videos to a computer, editing them, and exporting them can be a pain. If only minor changes or titles need to be applied, Windows Movie Maker or even Adobe Premiere Pro would not be the best choice. If a movie is captured and recorded on an iPhone, iMovie for iPhone and iPad is the best choice for making minor adjustments. iMovie allows for cropping, editing, titles, transitions, and other basic movie editing features. iMovie for iPhone, iPod, and iPad only costs $4.99 and has many features that the Mac iMovie and Windows Movie Maker have on board. iMovie is very simple and videos do not need to be imported for they are already on the device.

With technology advancing by the day, iMovie for iOS is an innovative idea. Being able to edit movies directly on my phone is definitely convenient. I used to have to import the videos to my Mac before adding titles, transitions and effects. Now, I can add those elements to my video and send a quick MMS to a friend – all in less than five minutes.

Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Geo-tagging

iPhone Camera Geotag

iPhone asking for Camera to use current location.

With new features flying off the shelves with smartphones, one feature keeps many people weary about smartphone cameras. Geo-tagging is a feature that allows your iPhone (or other smartphone) to record the location of each photograph. If you’re visiting Disney World, the geo tags will come up for Orlando, FL. If you are visiting the White House, Washington D.C. will be included on your map of photos in your iPhone’s camera roll.

What scares many people about geo-tagging is that “stalkers” can view where they took the photos. The luxury about many websites such as Photobucket and Facebook is that they strip geo-tagging information from the pictures. Even if you try to download the photo from Facebook, the geo-tagged info will be gone from the file. The only way that information will still be intact is if the photo is emailed (MMS also strips the metadata).

Personally, I feel that this kind of information should be shared. If you are taking a photo in front of Cinderella’s Castle, it’s obvious you are in Orlando. There is no reason to hide this information from people viewing your Facebook or other online service. Furthermore, talk about stalkers has decreased as technology has advanced. Geo-tagging information should be shared… that is what it was designed for.

iCam Concept Turns iPhone Into Point-And-Shoot

iCam concept turns your iPhone into camera.

A new concept from ARD studios created a concept mock-up of a point-and-shoot iPhone accessory. The accessory is not real, but it does give case makers some great ideas. The concept of iCam is simply an accessory that the iPhone slides into. The phone will connect at the bottom of the iCam with Apple’s 30-pin connector. The iCam now allows you to use your iPhone as a digital SLR camera within this case.
• Aluminum Unibody;
• Interchangeable Apple-Lens Lenses, with iMount mounting system;
• Front touch screen for self-portraits and for micro-app;
• LED Flash;
• Front pico-projector;
• SD UHS-i slot;
• Siri Compatible;
• Motion Sensor;
• ISO range from 100 to 3200 (extendable up to 6400 equivalent)
• Full HD at 60fps;
• 10.1-megapixel sensor;
• Bluetooth
Even though the iCam is not real, it still gets me excited about what is to come. If iCam were real, I would ditch my Nikon SLR camera for it. This would also allow iPhone users to quickly snap photos for iPhoto or their Photo Stream without having to sync their DSLR. iCam is the future of photography.

iCam concept turns your iPhone into camera.

Parts of Marvel’s Avengers Movie Was Shot With iPhone 4 Camera

Screenshot from Marvel Avengers Movie

Some scenes were shot with an iPhone 4.

Marvel’s upcoming movie, The Avengers, will be coming to theaters in 2012. If you go watch the film on the big screen, remember that some of the scenes were shot with an Apple iPhone 4 camera at 720p. Seamus McGarvey, the cinematographer for The Avengers, claims that some of the scenes in the film were shot using an iPhone 4. “The beauty of photography or cinema is that you make every choice based on the content at hand,” he told IFTN in a recent interview. “I understand that sometimes there is no choice and you have to go for the cheapest option, but if you are limited for choice, you can still make poignant decisions that will effect the look of the film.”

The fact that big movie companies, such as Marvel, are producing films with smartphone cameras is astounding. Just four years ago, iPhones did not even record video. It wasn’t until the release of the iPhone 3GS that the devices started recording video (in low-res, that is). Pretty soon, more companies will join Marvel and Universal Studios in filming movies with smartphones. With the newest release of the iPhone 4S, the camera got even better. In four more years, almost every movie can be filmed in a back yard for hardly any cost at all on a professional-quality iPhone camera.

The iPhone 4S Camera Drastically Improved From Previous Models

The iPhone 4S camera is far superior to the previous generations.

The iPhone 4S camera is far superior to the previous generations.

With the new iPhone 4S comes a new camera. Apple’s new 4S camera is 8 megapixels, has a redesigned lens structure, and new camera speeds. The iPhone 4S camera is truly a revolution when equipped with a f/2.4 lens, which means the lens can open wider and faster, which lets in more light, making the picture clearer. With the lens snapping faster shots, action shots at sports games can easily be obtained without blur. Combined with Apple’s A5 processor, the new iPhone 4S camera can perform as well as, if not better, than your average point-and-shoot camera. Another feature of the new camera is the ability to take amazingly clear macro shots (like the one above). Macro is a step above micro, which means it’s taking pictures of things like rings, insects, detailed flowers, etc. The iPhone 4S also records video in full 1080p HD. High definition video was first released with the iPhone 4, but it was only 720p.

When compared with the original iPhone, 3G, 3GS, and 4, the iPhone 4S has an amazing ability to focus and capture the detail in an image. You can hardly tell what the item is on the original iPhone and 3G’s photos. Cell phone cameras have come a long way, and they will continue to grow!