iPhone 5 HD video upgrade rumors

There are rumors circulating the internet that the newest iPhone 5 will have full 1080p high speed video recording capability at 100fps. So it’s hard to imagine shooting for an extended time with the faster shutter speed and HD but it would give you the ability to slow down movies smoothly up to 3x. That would allow for some cool special effects. Check out a skating video at youtube done in 1080 at 100fps, it’s sweet!!

Obviously a frame rate of 300fps, 600fps, or 1200fps would be amazing but I don’t see current technology pulling this off in such a small device. It would also be nice if they could add a 3x zoom in the new phone that wasn’t just a digital zoom. One can only hope I guess.

If you want to check out other rumors about the iphone 5 check out CNN’s post over here. Of course, if you are captuing high speed video then you need larger storage capacity.  It would be sweet if they offered an iPhone 5 with 256 gig of storage. One day technology will push us there and I am sure Apple will be more than happy to charge us a premium price to own one.

If this happens, it would just give independent film makers another tool to us for shooting extra angles for their movies. I also have found the first sneak peak at the new iPhone 5 and what the design will look like here.

iPhone 5 design high speed video

The new iPhone 5 design offers round curves and 100fps high speed video

The battery life of the iPhone 5 is rumored to be 2x as long as the old one… at least in standby mode….. it has some new technology that barely uses any juice while in standby. If you are using it constantly only expect a 25% improvement in battery life… BUT heck that is still really good. It’s worth it for me to upgrade if I only got a 15% improvement. What do you guys think?

When Apple launches this bad boy all of the specs can be found here.


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